The Canal, the new trendy neighbourhood in Brussels

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The Canal, the new trendy neighbourhood in Brussels

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The north of the canal is one of the liveliest parts of the capital, with many projects emerging one after the other. Between Tour & Taxis and Brussels North station, a stroll through an up-and-coming neighbourhood.

It’s the neighbourhood everyone’s been talking about in Brussels over the past months, if not years. Not a week goes by here without something happening or a new project being unveiled. With a flagship project which everyone is still writing about to set the tone: the reopening of the former Citroën garage, the emblematic glass and steel Art Deco cathedral erected on the corner of Quai de Willebroeck / Willebroekkaai and Boulevard Baudouin /Boudewijlaan, transformed into a modern art museum with the help of the Centre Pompidou…


While the canal does cover a very large area of the capital as it crosses 8 municipalities over 14 kilometres, its northern section is the one everyone’s talking about the most, between Place Sainctelette and the famous Van Praet bridge. This area, which used to be devoted to transport and industry, was an industrial wasteland for a long time but is now experiencing a true renaissance, making way for modern intercultural and intergenerational housing, soft mobility, green spaces and an eco-friendly approach. In short: to developing a certain quality of life.

Just take a walk around to see how it has changed. A few hundred metres from Brussels North station, and just near Yser / Ijzer metro station, it has become a place where Brussels residents enjoy going for a stroll.

The huge  Tour & Taxis complex undoubtedly started off the trend with the repurposing of the royal warehouse, the creation of a park and a green esplanade, the construction of the remarkable incubator for sustainable start-ups Greenbizz and the construction of over 350,000 m2 of homes, offices and retail spaces, which has now begun in earnest. Then it was the turn of  Up-Site, the highest residential building in Belgium with 41 floors, 250 luxury apartments and its own wellness area.

This is also where the famous shopping and leisure centre  Docks Bruxsel, was built, on the former Poêleries Godin industrial site. Without forgetting the marina and its many yachts and sailing boats, or the houseboats or  Waterbus which allows passengers to travel by water between the centre of Brussels and the town of Vilvorde…

Numerous new residential buildings have also shot up around the ferry terminal. So it’s hardly surprising that meanwhile, life has returned to this neighbourhood with many activities and events that take place both in summer and the rest of the year (from Bruxelles-les-Bains to the kite festival to the port festivities). This is also reflected in the opening of many local shops, restaurants, bars with terraces, art galleries and other cultural spots that attract both residents and walkers, as these days walking or cycling along the banks of the canal has become a very pleasant experience again. A footbridge will soon allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely. There’s no doubt about it: Brussels canal has become the new trendy spot in the capital.

Discover Canal Wharf, the perfect link to the up-and-coming Canal neighbourhood.









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