At your side throughout the process of your purchase

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At your side throughout the process of your purchase

Satisfying our customers is our priority. We combine profitability with security so that you become our best ambassadors.

Whether it is to live there or to invest, our only goal is to accompany you throughout the process of buying your apartment, from the first contacts with our sales team until the handing over of the keys to your property.

We have clearly defined 6 key steps to ensure that your real estate purchase always goes smoothly.

And of course, we are by your side at each of these stages.

1. Signature of the booking form

You have contacted us because one of our projects interests you…

Our projects

Please note that all our projects are listed on this website and that there is also a website and a Facebook page specific to each project to follow its news online.

All our goods are new. The acquisition is made on plan and under the legal regime of the Breyne Law, provided that the building is not completed. The Breyne Law offers extensive protection to the buyer of a property. This law is deemed to have “imperative force”, which means that it contains strictly mandatory provisions.

It should be noted that all new goods are subject to the 21% VAT regime on the construction value. Registration fees on the value of the land and notary fees are also due. But, beyond these costs, investing in a new property offers much greater guarantees, with in particular a significant reduction in costs thanks to better energy and technical performance and the fact that no work is to be expected.

Our team

We have an experienced team, which you can discover on our website www.agresidential.be/fr/equipe.

Via 02 226 23 00, you will first get in touch with our sellers (Sales Consultant) who will present the property that interests you, advise you and answer your questions. You can also talk to our sellers about your financial capabilities. They will be able to help you evaluate them correctly, in order to define a realistic budget, based on your financial income and your personal contributions.

If your interest is confirmed and you wish to reserve a property, all you have to do is sign a reservation form with the seller. You can include a suspensive credit clause so that you can choose the best banking solution with complete peace of mind.

2. Receipt of the sales agreement

You and your notary then receive a draft sales agreement.

Sent by email, this compromise mentions all the characteristics of the accommodation, but also:

  • the sale price (with the breakdown of Land, Construction, Additional costs)
  • the plan of the apartment and the basements (cellars, parking spaces),
  • the basic deed of the building (and annexes),
  • the amount of the deposit,
  • the estimated delivery period, mentioned in working days.

The sales agreement is a firm and definitive commitment to the sale.

Do not hesitate to ask all your questions to the seller you met during the signing of the Reservation Form. He will remain your contact until the signing of the Deed of sale.

3. Signature of the sales agreement

The sales agreement makes the sale final.

When all the parties agree on the clauses and terms of the compromise, we will fix with you the date of the signature of the latter.

It also takes the form of the payment of a deposit of 5% of the total amount (excluding taxes), from your personal account to the account of the notary. The amount is blocked until the signature of the authentic deed. Both parties are thus protected: you are certain that this amount will not disappear and the seller will be assured of your commitment.

This is also the time to finalize your credit report with your banking institution.

You must choose a fixed or variable borrowing rate, the repayment period (between 8 and 30 years)…

It is often interesting to borrow a larger sum. In this way, you preserve your own funds and reserve them for other investments or to cover possible future needs.

You will need to compile a financing file which generally includes:

  • your reservation form and signed sales agreement,
  • proof of your monthly income,
  • your last warning-role excerpt,
  • a certificate of personal contribution

If you have included a suspensive credit clause in your reservation form and your credit has not been granted to you, you will recover your deposit after having informed us of this refusal within one month of the signing of the sales agreement.

On the insurance side, you must most of the time take out outstanding balance insurance which covers the repayment of your credit in the event of death.

For a new property in joint ownership, you do not have to take out fire insurance for the building: only contents insurance is necessary, after delivery.

4. Signature of the deed of sale

A maximum period of 4 months between the compromise and the deed of sale

This period should allow you to obtain your mortgage loan because the interest rate granted by the bank is generally valid for 4 months.

If you do not obtain it, you risk losing the deposit paid during the sales agreement. It is therefore important to insert a clause in the sales agreement stipulating that the sale will only be effective if you obtain your loan.

Our notary, in collaboration with yours, will draft the authentic deed. Depending on the availability of the parties, an appointment will be agreed for the signature.

The appointment takes place at our notary in the presence of your notary and our Sales Director for the signing of the authentic deed of sale.

It is this signature that gives legal certainty to credit and sales transactions.

The passage of the authentic deed is preceded by the registration of your mortgage loan if you have contracted one. You pay the notary fees at that time.

After signing, you will receive the invoice for the deed. In accordance with the Breyne law, you pay at this time everything that already exists: the land and the buildings that are already erected at this stage (minus the 5% already paid as a deposit during the compromise).

You begin to pay the installments corresponding to the progress of the work pending receipt of the property. Each installment invoice must be accompanied by the architect’s certificate.

It is important to point out that you will only pay interest on the amounts advanced by the bank if you have taken out a mortgage loan.

5. Follow-up with the Key Account Manager

The Key Account Manager tells you how to choose your finishes

You will then receive by e-mail or by post the contact details of the suppliers to whom you are invited to go and who will guide you in the selection of finishes, sanitary appliances and furniture for your kitchen.

A meeting is then organized with the Key Account Manager in order to analyze your choices and the possible impact of these on the configuration of your apartment.

The Key Account Manager also informs you of all useful information relating to the technical installations of your apartment (heating, ventilation, sanitary, electricity).

Following this interview, you will receive your updated plan as well as a possible statement for the modification works

6. Follow-up with the Technical Client Manager

The Key Account Manager then hands over to the Technical Client Manager

Once your order for completions and works has been launched, the Technical Client Manager will contact you by email. He is in charge of monitoring the site and receiving the goods.

The Technical Client Manager is responsible for organizing a site visit with you during which you can see your apartment being finalized.

Once the building is finished, the Technical Client Manager invites you to proceed with the provisional acceptance. A visit is organized on site in the presence of the contractor and the architect to check that the work has been correctly carried out, according to the sales plans and in accordance with the specifications.

A provisional acceptance report is drawn up with all the points that still need to be completed or corrected within a period agreed with the contractor.

Once this report has been signed and the last 5 percent paid, you will receive the keys to your apartment. Gas, electricity and water meter readings are also noted and utility management is then transferred to you.

At the earliest 12 months after the provisional acceptance, you will receive an invitation to sign the final acceptance report, which means that the work has been carried out.


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