Benefit from a risk-free investment!

Risk-free investment

It goes without saying that as promoter, we are reaping the benefits of our collaboration with our mother company AG Insurance.

As a customer, you only derive the benefits: an important and extremely reliable partner that offers you a flawless completion guarantee and can offer you multiple services under one roof.

Thanks to the AG Investor Pack, landlords benefit through an insurance contract at AG Insurance:
β€’ a guarantee against unpaid rent
β€’ compensation in the event of rental damage
β€’ Compensation for early departure
β€’ extended legal protection without deductible
β€’ Property Assist service for maintenance and repair work.
This service is for those who already master the rental investment but are reluctant to repeat the experience, as for novices who want to invest in brick for the first time and demanding more guarantees for more peace.

The other steps of investment

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