What’s on around the canal this week?

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What’s on around the canal this week?

10 things to do around the canal

This up-and-coming neighbourhood around Brussels Canal also has many exciting activities to try, day and night, with family or friends. A few ideas for this week.

  1.  Make a film at Kanal – Centre Pompidou

This is the new modern art museum located in the premises of the former CitroĂ«n garage. Visit it for the exhibitions and the magnificent Art Deco building and its impressive glass walls. Don’t miss: the video centre where you can make your own amateur film.

Quai des PĂ©niches / Akenkaai, 1000 Brussels – info@kanal.brussels – 02 435 13 60

  1. Visit Tour & Taxis

Located on the banks of the canal, the Tour & Taxis site is a mixed location open to the public which brings together offices, retail spaces, restaurants and exhibition spaces in the buildings of the former train station and shipping yard.

Avenue du Port / Havenlaan 86C, 1000 Brussels – info@tour-taxis.com – 02 426 12 22

Guided tours organised by Brussels by Water.

  1. Discover Maximilien Farm

La Ferme PĂ©dagogique du Parc Maximilien (Maximilien Park Educational Farm) offers a unique rural space at the heart of the city, where donkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and ducks live in harmony… A way for city families to learn about nature.

Quai du batelage / Schipperijkaai 2, 1000 Brussels – lafermemaximilien@gmail.com – 02 201 56 09

  1. Sail at Royal Yacht Club

Beyond Van Praet bridge, the marina has moorings for around forty boats, but also houses the four sailing schools that make up the Royal Yacht Club de Bruxelles. Three to learn how to skipper a yacht as far as the sea, and one for sailing fans.

Chaussée de Vilvorde / Vilvoordsesteenweg 1, 1020 Brussels – 02 216 48 28

  1. Practice rowing at Royal 1865

The oldest rowing club in the capital, the Royal Sport Nautique 1865, recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Other than its nautical activities on the canal, it also has a large indoor sports centre with tennis, basketball and badminton courts and table tennis.

Chaussée de Vilvorde / Vilvoordsesteenweg 170, 1120 Brussels – 02 268 12 36

  1. Immerse yourself in a water treatment plant

The new water treatment plant in the north of Brussels treats the waste water for over a million Brussels residents. A guided tour allows you to understand how it works and see the resulting improvements for our watercourses.

Avenue de Vilvorde / Vilvoordsesteenweg 450, 1130 Brussels – contact@aquiris.be – 02 243 96 60


  1. Take a look around Mabru Early Morning Market

Renowned for its vast choice of products from both Belgium and abroad, the Marché Matinal / Vroegmarkt (Early Morning Market) has become the number one choice for professionals, mostly offering top quality products whose freshness is not an empty promise.

Quai des Usines / Werkhuizenkaai 22, 1000 Brussels – mabru@mabru.be – 02 215 51 69

  1. Put on a show at Kaaitheater

On Saturday 18/11, children aged 4 to 12 are invited to put on a show in one day at the premises of the Kaaitheater, with the staff’s assistance. As a prelude to the first night, at the end of the day, the budding actors will go around the city in a procession in order to find their audience.

20 square Sainctelette / Sainctelettesquare, 1000 Brussels – 02 201 59 59

9. Take a walk at Tour & Taxis park – L28

This is the first part of the new 10-hectare multi-purpose park under development along the former number 28 railway line, at the Tour & Taxis site. It includes a playground and sports grounds.

Avenue Jean Dubrucq / Jean Dubrucqlaan 228, 1080 Brussels.

  1. Take a breather at Greenbizz

The new incubator exclusively devoted to the development of green and environmental projects is also a true masterpiece of sustainable architecture. Tours of the incubator are organised for small groups.

Rue DieudonnĂ© Lefèvre / DieudonnĂ© Lefèvrestraat 17, 1020 Brussels – 02 233 81 00


Discover Canal Wharf, the perfect link to the up-and-coming Canal neighbourhood.


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